Q: How do I buy an animal?

A: Get a buyer number at the fair and bid on the animal you want.


Q: If I win the bid do I have to take the animal home then?

A: There are 5 options for handling the animal you just purchased.
1) Yes you can take the animal home after it is released on the last day of the fair at 6 p.m. *NOT AVAILABLE FOR GRAND AND RESERVE CHAMPION ANIMALS.
2) You can have the animal processed by one of the packers participating at the auction in which case the packer will pick up the animal.
3) You can donate the animal to an auction supported organization in which case the floor price for the animal be donated to the organization.
4) You can donate the meat or the animal to an organization or your choice by making arrangements with one of the packers participating at the auction.
5) You can consign the animal to the PCJLSI and your bill will be reduce by the floor price and PCJLSI will resell the animal to a third party.]


Q: My question is not here. How do I get it answered?

A: Please send an email to the
President or
Treasurer or call one of the board members and ask them your question and request that they have it posted for future reference.


Q: What are the salaries of the PCJLSI board members and officers?

A: No board member or officer or their relatives receives any compensation from the PCJLSI.