2019 Buyer Letter Competition Winners

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1.  Wyatt Knittel
2.  Linnea Camacho
3.  Benjamin Glover
3.  Liberty Freeman
1.  Caden Thiessen
2.  Arlie Mixer
3.  Jacob Miller
Saturday-Large Stock-Voted by the Buyers
1.  Aidan Vimmerstedt
2.  Ava Keller
3.  Jett Payne
3.  Logan Landroche
Sunday-Small Stock-Voted by the Buyers
1.  Ronnie Palmenberg
2.  Roger Palmenberg
3.  Hannah Toering
3.  Addie Bohnsack



The 4-H Executive Council and Mrs. Celia Burkel are once again hosting the 4-H and FFA Buyers’ Letter Writing Competition this year!

Every member in good standing in a 4-H Club or FFA Chapter, that will have an animal for sale at the auction, is allowed to enter up to one letter in the Buyers Letter Writing Competition. Simply photocopy one of the letters you are already sending out to someone (as a new buyer or existing buyer) and submit that with the Buyers’ Letter Competition Form  with the form properly filled in.  This is very important as you will not get the letters back until they are finished being judged.

Deadline for entries into the contest is received, via mail, by Monday, March 25, 2019. Please mail to:

PCJLS Letter Contest

17315 S. Camino de las Quintas Sahuarita, AZ 85629-9738

There will be cash prizes and gift certificates to give away. The winning letters will be displayed in Old Pueblo Hall, so everyone can enjoy and learn from them. Sales brochures are available on this website (large stock and small stock) to assist in getting more interest in the auction as well.

Please contact Celia Burkel if you have any questions at 850-1577 (Text is ok) or PC4HEC@gmail.com. Good luck!

Buyer Letter Competition Criteria Explanations
Be creative-it does not have to be in a formal letter format! It must be limited to one page. Total possible points 50

1) Letter appropriate to age of youth. Possible point value + 2 Does the letter have the feel and appropriateness for the age of the exhibitor?

2) No spelling or grammatical errors. Possible point value +2 Check that the words are spelled correctly and that it is the right word to use.  Sentences are structured correctly.

3) Invite the buyer to the Auction with all the correct information included: fair dates, your show dates, auction dates, your club name, your name and what project you are in, contact information of Leader or the sales committee for auction questions. Possible point value +10

4) Pictures or graphics are a part of the letter. This will assist the buyer in knowing who they are looking for come show time or the auction. Possible point value +4

5) Mention the fact that there are other exhibitors out there that they can still help out if they are not able to get your animal (sibling, club, 4-H, FFA). Possible point value +4

6) Purpose of the letter-what is your plan after selling your animal?  Why should the person buy your animal?  Possible point value +4

7) Is anything handwritten?  The letter or a handwritten note as part of the computerized letter. Is it signed?  Possible point value +4

8) Information that personalizes the letter to the buyer.  Show that there is a connection between the exhibitor and the potential buyer.  Demonstrate in the letter that the exhibitor realizes what the business person does or how they can relate to each other. Possible point value +10

9) The “voice” of the writer is evident. Mention of goals, accomplishments, information about the exhibitor (age, years in project, etc.), skills learned, experiences you have had in the project, how this has helped you, relate this to other areas regarding life experiences. You don’t need to list everything-just give a general overview of highlights. Possible point value +10

Penalties-Do NOT put these items in your letter. If the following items are mentioned, the points will be subtracted from the total earned.

A) Taxes-Any mention of potential tax deduction or contribution Lose 10 points

B) Any mention of the buyers brunch Lose 10 points

C) Use of:  To Whom It May Concern, Dear Buyer, Dear Business Owner –generic title Lose 5 points